Dear Jack,Someone said you ...

Moses asked:

Duty Without Dollars?Dear Jack,

Someone said you cannot do Mission without money.

How true is this?

Jack Answered:

There are many ways to “do Mission.”

- Mission is done by local people ministering to physically and spiritually needy in their own community.

- Mission is done by individuals who cross social, linguistic, and geographic barriers to the physically and spiritually needy, supporting themselves through a variety of occupations.

- Mission is done by individuals who are supported financially by friends and churches so that they can spend full time ministering to others.

Mission is more than money, but it often requires financial resources, especially when we reach out to those who have nothing. Where the money comes from and how it is channeled can take many forms, depending on the needs, the context, and the opportunities.

Money can be a great blessing, but when coming through paternalism it can also create unhealthy dependence and be a source of manipulation. Missionaries have to be careful and wise in their use of resources.

The Apostle Paul handled a lot of money. He raised finances from Gentile churches to help the poor in Jerusalem. He sometimes supported himself, and those who accompanied him, and also received help from churches he founded.

I would encourage you to do a study of Philippians 4:10-19. Here Paul writes to one of his “supporting churches” (the Philippians). What do you learn in this passage about Paul’s attitude toward finances? Each verse says something about this theme.

I trust these comments will be helpful to you.



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