Dear Jack,Our son has ...

tracy asked:

Dear Jack,Our son has recently become interested in going on a mission and spent this winter at Urbana. He now wants to go to Afghanistan with a group form Urbana called "Frontiers." Can you PLEASE tell us more about the credibility of this group or point us in the direction to find information? We are having a difficult time supporting this desire of his and would like to have more information.Thank you

Jack Answered:

Thanks, Tracy, for your question. I, too, was at Urbana and am glad that your son both went and was challenged to invest some of his life in serving the Lord in Afghanistan.

I am well acquainted with Frontiers. It is a visionary, responsible, and unusually effective mission agency. The U.S. Director is a personal friend of mine. If you look up their website [] you can research their doctrinal statement, purpose, places they work, etc.

I applaud you for wanting to investigate the organization your son is interested in serving with, and I am glad to give Frontiers my strong recommendation.



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