Dear Jack,My husband, aged ...

Carol asked:

Dear Jack,My husband, aged 63, and I, aged 61, are planning on doing some type of tentmaker mission work after we sell our house. We live in a down market in Florida and we will most likely just have to take anything to get rid of it. We are ready for work overseas. We have been to China, Europe and Eastern Europe and really felt that the Lord was calling us to an Eastern European country. Nothing has happened in that regard.Are there any groups that need older workers who have teaching experience and business experience?We owned our own businesses for almost thirty years after we taught school for a few years. I would like to teach ESL but I am open to any business opportunity. We cannot do a faith based mission as we have no income nor pension left. We need to work for income but want to combine that with a ministry of some sort.We do not want to retire and feel we have some wisdom and knowledge to share. We enjoy young people (16-40)and would like to make a difference and do some ministry at the same time.Thanks for reading this,Carol

Jack Answered:

Thanks, Carol. I congratulate you for desiring to use your skills and experience for the Lord. I recommend two websites you can investigate:

1) The Finishers Project: Their website states: Finishers Project helps you connect with mission organizations to find assignments in missions — in the US or abroad. Complete a Service Profile to receive a list of mission organizations with opportunities matching your skills, experience, and ministry preferences. Finishers Project is a matching service; it is not a sending agency. The Finishers Project is a movement to provide opportunities for people to join God in His passion for His glory among the nations. That over 80 sending and mission service organizations have joined the Finishers Project is testimony to the fact that after 2000 years it is still true the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few. As the name implies, The Finishers Project is for people who in their middle or later years have a desire to serve the Lord, just as you and your husband do. One challenge you may face is that though there are many opportunities for work there may be fewer for employment. Most “finishers” either use their retirement funds or need to raise their own support through friends or friendly churches.

2) Global Opportunities: One of the first organizations whose purpose is to help Christian professionals and business people who support themselves in secular jobs in order to reach another people with the gospel, by integrating work and witness. This organization promotes “tentmakers”, individuals like yourselves who work to support themselves overseas. Ruth Siemans, the founder of G.O. once told me she has never met individuals she couldn’t match with jobs. At least, it is a good place to start.

So, either one of these organizations I trust you can find some leads. If the Lord is calling you both to this, you will be amazed how doors can open as you seek His guidance.

In His Grace,



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