Dear JackKindly help me in ...

Herald asked:

Dear JackKindly help me in this :How can I get more guidance, advice, etc to taking specific steps towards a meaningful, God-willed, God-purposed and God-commissioned mission undertaking ?So that there is minimal waste of what's left for me to live on earth?God bless youyours sincerelyHerald W Tham

Jack Answered:

Thank you, Herald, for your specific question. Some suggestions: 1) Analyze the experience you have had up to now in serving the Lord. - What has given you the greatest source of joy and fulfillment? 2) Review your training, gifts, and personal interest. - Where do you think you can make the greatest contribution in terms of the resources God has blessed you with? 3) Review the needs you see about you. - Talk to you pastor about the needs that he sees. - Of these needs, which touch your heart the most? 4) With the help of Christian friends who know you and the context in which you live... - How can you put all these pieces together, matching needs with your gifts, training, and experience? 5) Within the process, seek the Lord each day, asking His wisdom, as you read Scripture and pray.

As you go through this exercise, I believe the Lord will begin to underscore ways that you can be "mission involved." There is much to do. Better to get started in one area than spend too much time just looking over the field. As you get involved, the Lord will guide you, I'm sure.

Blessings on you, Herald.



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