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jessica asked:

Dear jack,I have been a christian for many years but got lost during my teen years. I married a muslim and also started following his faith. Many years past and I always felt restless in the islamic faith. I eventually devoted my life back to Christ and during the process my husband accepted the lord as his personal savior! I have been enjoying a close relationship with my savior and have been feeling like I should serve in some capacity in the mission field(maybe in an islamic country) I feel such an urgency tugging at my heart but my husband is not so sure. We also have 4 children. I guess I am trying to find some information on what kind of steps I should take if this is something the lord wants me to do. I have a real burning desire to help other muslims who are searching for the true God. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time. In Christ,Jessica Sagri

Jack Answered:

I praise the Lord with you, Jessica, that by God’s grace you have not only come back to him but your husband as well. This is good news.

I can understand your desire to serve the Lord and also be a witness, perhaps even in an Islamic country.

Some thoughts:

1) It is very significant to me that your husband “is not so sure.” This reality is something to explore very carefully. He is very aware of what ministry in an Islamic context would be like. One should not go unless the call is definite and insistant. Also, there are the issue of language, the acculturation and education of your children, and the whole matter of raising financial support. Unless your husband should take leadership with enthusiasm in this direction, I would caution you to not push the issue.

2) However, I would not dampen your call to “mission!” I would encourage you to think and pray in terms of ministry to Muslims in your own country. I think thatMiriam Adeney’s Daughters of Islam: Building Bridges With Muslim Women would be both helpful and inspiring. (You can secure either hard cover or paper back editions on Amazon. ) I am sure that there are many lonely Muslim women who would welcome friendship with someone like you who understands them.

3) Meanwhile, I would also encourage you to pray for the Muslim world. You could contact an entity like Frontiers ( and find out where they work, what they are doing, and how you could pray for their ministry. You might even want to have a short term experience with them to see different contexts.

4) It might be helpful to get in contact with your husband’s relatives. Do they know that he has become a Christian? If so, what was their reaction?

Thanks again for your question. May the Lord guide you both.



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