Dear Jack-If a medium-term ...

Ben asked:

Dear Jack-If a medium-term (2-10 yrs), professional (BSc,MSc, 4yrs exp.) missionary is working for an organization that provides no support and the missionary is responsible for covering all their own expenses- what is a fair amount to raise above and beyond expenses in order to invest for retirement/re-entry?Ben

Jack Answered:

Ben, I have received the following suggestion from a Director of Finance of a missiona agency:

Hi Jack, I think the question needs to be addressed individually. However, I can give you is a standard policy response: We ask our incoming missionaries to put away a minimum of $125 a month ($250 couples) for their retirement. They are also welcome to put away $500 a month each if they so desire. I hope this helps. Blessings, jz >p> As far as reentry is concerned, this will depend on the cost of plane tickets, whether you can stay with relatives or not, what it will cost you to purchase a car, etc. So much depends on the individual.

I trust this is somewhat helpful, Ben!



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