Best Urbana 15 Periscope Videos

ICYMI, Urbana was on Periscope for Urbana 15. Those videos are now all up on our YouTube Channel with a bunch of other videos from Urbana, but these eleven are the best, IMHO.

Tour of the Prayer Rooms

12,762 participants took advantage of the various opportunities for prayer at Urbana in the Prayer Ministry Room, the Worship & Reflection Room, the Missional Prayer Room or the Exhibit Hall. Get a feel for what the prayer rooms were about and what went into getting them set up.

What role does social media play at Urbana 15?

Adam Jeske (the guy who gave this seminar about how social media can further God’s global mission) talks about why Urbana 15 was on Yik Yak (4:00), and why be on social media at all (5:10). As a bonus, watch Adam check in (6:40)!

Performing Arts Team Discusses Opening Night Theater

Performing Arts Team members discuss the process of creating the performing arts pieces at Urbana and Lament in particular (1:30) and give a few tips on how to engage well with the performing arts, especially if you don’t see this kind of thing in your churches (6:45). Listen to the audio from the Q&A seminar they mention.

Michelle Higgins, Howie Meloch and Greg Jao Press Conference

Michelle, Howie, and Greg discuss mission, reconciliation, race and empowering students to be world changers. Hear about the necesity of starting right now (11:10); the good news of partnership (15:50); connecting the Black experience with the global experience (18:40); how spaces in America declare the value of White people and what this has to do with the gospel (23:30); why this conversation is so hard (36:20); and the church’s place in the conversation about reparations (40:20).

Christena Cleveland Interview

Christena talks about why her research on disunity is relevant to a missions conference, and gives a sneak peek at The Priesthood of the Privilege, her seminar about inequality and upcoming book by the same name.

David Platt, Evelyne Reisacher and Patrick Fung Press Conference

David, Evelyne, and Patrick talk about what they’ve learned from each other as they prepared together for Urbana (1:30); their spiritual disciplines (5:00); how to navigate the tension between the issues at home and the issues abroad (9:00); wrestling with the interconnection of doctrine and practice (17:30); the advice they would give to their college selves (22:55); book recommendations and prayer requests (28:15).

Behind the Scenes of the #Urbana15 Dining Experience

Get a sneak peek into the logistics necessary to make sure 13,000 Urbana participants have a full 20-30 minutes to eat their dinner. And! Get to see the back of the Voice in the Sky. Think you know who it is?

Prayer and Persecuted Church Press Conference

MaryKate Morse and Kate Yates define the persecuted church (3:00); discuss whether prayer is an adequate response to persecution (6:40); remind us that Paul was a former terrorist (10:55); and discuss how to engage with the suffering in the world without getting overwhelmed (17:00). They also have some great advice for themselves as college students (25:30).

Urbana 15 December 29th Evening Session in 15 seconds

A time-lapse of the Gospel in Action night.

Backstage Tour!

See the performing arts green room (5:00); what’s behind the screens in the dome (8:00); meet some of the tech crew making the general sessions happen (11:00); and hear from Steve Falk who’s been a part of Urbana since Urbana 70 (13:00) and Phil, the guy who does the lyrics slides for worship (17:00).

New Year's Eve Spoken Word

The raw, unedited, behind-the-scenes version of Jonathan Walton’s spoken word piece from New Year’s Eve. Remember what it was like to share this moment during the last 2 hours of our time together as the Urbana 15 team?


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