Is anything is being done ...

Tom asked:

Is anything is being done to free minor girls from forced prostitution in brothels in India?Tom

Jack Answered:

Tom, it may be shocking to us here in the West, but the amount of forced prostitution in other countries, such as India is well documented. There are at least two organizations that are seeking to deal with this tragic situation.

1) Restore International rescues and rehabilitates children forced into prostitution and seeks prosecution of the perpetrators. (Note their website Their website takes you on a virtual trip through the streets and countryside of India by reading journal excerpts of a recent visitor.

2) International Justice Mission, a human rights agency that rescues victims of violence, sexual exploitation, slavery, and oppression ( IJM staff members (human rights experts, attorneys and law enforcement professionals) receive case referrals from, and work in conjunction with, other non-governmental organizations and casework alliances abroad.

In these two organizations we see how Christians are seeking to use their education, skills, Christian compassion, and financial resources to help the helpless, often in dangerous circumstances. We all need to know more about what God is doing in this area and participate as He should lead us.



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