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Any missions site strongly discourages romantic relationships remotely related to the mission field. I have some questions about that. While it is not the wisest situation, humans have certain needs. It feels like the choice is either someone there or someone back home who probably won't have the same calling. What is someone to do when they are strongly attracted to someone they meet on the mission field? Do circumstances change when the person is a national?

Jack Answered:

Every marriage has its challenges. For two sinful people to enter into an intimate relationship, both have to grow in areas of patience and sensitivity as they learn to adjust to each other’s personalities and quirks. Differences of cultural origin only add to these hurdles. Perhaps this is one reason that at one time mission agencies either frowned on or didn’t permit missionaries to marry nationals.

In this area, I would say there has been a great change in recent years. First of all, in the U.S. we see much more acceptance of interracial marriage than when the movie “Guess who’s coming for dinner?” was produced! Now, most mission agencies that I know permit their missionaries to marry nationals. In our own Latin America Mission, more and more of our missionaries have married Latin Americans and have found that this joining of two cultures has given them greater entrance into the local context. My own daughter married a Colombian, whom we love dearly.

I trust I’ve answered your question.



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