Joyce Hiendarto

Communications Director

Joyce shares Urbana’s commitment to call North American students to be courageous followers of Jesus in all aspects of their lives and to experience and journey with the global God through his global church. She appreciates how each Urbana was unique and yet had a thread of displaying God’s glory and faithfulness to the nations. Joyce calls many places home—she loves to travel, always eager to find culinary delights, and discovers beauty and stories in various culture around the globe. She is also involved with the Lausanne Younger LeadersReconciliAsian, and The Mennonite.

Comfort Foods:

“A warm fresh bowl of rice with some delicious homemade, not too spicy East Asian cuisine. And I'd never say no to noodles.”

Favorite Bible Characters:

Joseph. Moses. Esther. Daniel.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

“Right now: Morocco, Turkey, Iceland, and the West Bank.”

Donut or scone? Coffee or tea?

“Donut! Coffee AND tea.”

What’s on your bucket list?

“Learn a non-East Asian language”

When I think of college, I think of . . .

“there's a spot in Indiana where the maple leaf grows...”

Besides the Bible, what books/authors have influenced you the most?

Parker Palmer, Henri Nouwen, Mary Oliver, Ruth Haley Barton, Eugene Peterson

What are you reading right now?

The Culture Map by Erin Meyer and IVP's Still Evangelical?