Jimmy McGee

(as of 2000)

Jimmy McGee graduated from Marquette University in 1986. He has lived in Atlanta for the past 13 years, having moved there to serve with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on the historically black campuses at the Atlanta University Center. He also works during the summer with urban children and youth through the Atlanta Urban Project, which he has directed for the past 10 years.

A voracious reader and historian, he currently is pursuing a Masters Degree in Urban Anthropology from Georgia State. Jimmy is sought as a speaker, trainer, teacher and mentor. Since 1991, Jimmy has been involved with the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta as an advisory member, and past chair of the Neighborhood Fund advisory board. This board advises the Foundation to fund low income neighborhoods in improving their communities. He has been married for 12 years to Genie, and has two sons, 6 year old Jay and Noah, 2 years old.

Jimmy is named after his father, but since he was one of six men in the family named James, he started to be called 'little Jimmy,' and the Jimmy part stuck. The most important people to him are his wife and his sons, his parents, and several friends and mentors from through the years. He was originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although he lives in Georgia, he does not eat grits.

He lists as his passions Urban Ministry, Multiethnicity, African-American Student Leadership, and Authentic Reconciliation.

Jimmy loves students, and loves hearing their stories, and learning about their uniquenesses. He enjoys reading books, playing basketball, lifting weights, and watching old movies. Lately, he's been reading the biography of Paul Robeson. Jimmy is obsessive and possessive about his pens and his briefcases.

Jimmy's favorite Urbana memories include Pete Hammond describing Urbana as drinking from a fire hydrant; Elizabeth Elliot's advice on courtship; and the Black Student Reception at Urbana '81. At past Urbanas, God has taught him to reflect on his role in seeing the Gospel spread around the world for Jesus' sake.