The Foreign American: Becoming Better Global Citizens

Are there ways that we as Americans are insulated in our entertainment diets? Most the entertainment we watch is fueled by American producers and the rest of the world watches a wide variety of entertainment including plenty of American entertainment. How does our diet of Americancentric entertainment affect our view of the rest of the world?

As we travel around the globe it is hard to miss the differences between American culture and the rest of the world as it relates to transportation. This episode we talk about the different modes of transportation used and expectations we may have as Americans.

It's all about food! Are Americans insular in our palate? Are there ways in which we co-op foods from other countries? Are there ways in which we encounter foods from other countries that betray our instularity?

American tourism. Do we consume the world? Do we travel with the insulation that is packed around us while we're here? Is there such a thing as compassionate or ecological tourism and what does this all have to do with American insularity?

This episode we dive into the issue of international news. What does this window on the world look like from the United States as compared to other places around the world?

This episode we discuss the realities of American politics and the insularity we experience in regards to politics and the rest of the world. We also look at the most recent election of Donald Trump to the White House.

In this episode we discuss the world of global sports and how Americans have been so absorbed in our own sports' cocoon that we have missed out on something in terms of our connection and solidarity with the rest of the world.

In this pilot episode we discuss some of the ways we find ourselves suffocating in our own and others ignorance about the rest of the world and discuss a desperate need for a deeper connection with the rest of the world.